7 Reasons Why Cloud Service Providers Choose eStruxture as Their Canadian Data Center Partner

April 5, 2022

With cloud adoption on a steep rise, there has never been a greater need for data centers and digital infrastructure. As a result, many cloud service providers choose to partner with data center colocation providers that offer them the flexibility to rapidly scale or expand into new markets in order to keep up with the ever-increasing cloud demand.

Here are just a few reasons why cloud service providers choose to partner with us for their Canadian presence: 

  • Our market leadership in Canada with diverse facilities and flexible infrastructure - eStruxture has established itself as an industry leader in Canada, with 15 facilities across the country. We have developed a data center ecosystem that has unique attributes including best-in-class data center infrastructure and the ability to accommodate up to 30kW per cabinet, standard. We are 100% Canadian owned and operated and have a deep understanding of the market.
  • Strategic Locations - Located in all major Canadian markets: Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver. We offer both core and edge locations when data needs to be close to the user.
  • Space and Scale - We build large, expandable facilities that can easily accommodate hyperscale deployments. Our customers have the option to grow within one site or expand nationwide in any of our 15 facilities.
  • Custom power and cooling solutions  - We deliver custom high-density power and cooling solutions paired with 100% uptime guarantee for the most intensive workloads, with 30kW/cabinet available standard.
  • Rapid deployment - eStruxture offers access to ample space and power that is immediately available in order to keep the pace with cloud service providers’ explosive growth. Moreover, thanks to the trusting relationships built over the years with our carriers, manufacturers, and electricity providers we are able to deliver custom designed data center solutions (often required for large deployments) that are also flexible and efficient, within significantly accelerated timelines.
  • Sustainability - All our facilities are sustainably designed and have industry-leading PUE and most of them are powered by clean, renewable energy. This helps our customers meet their sustainability goals. Additionally, we benefit from some of the lowest power rates in North America.
  • Network and carrier focus - We partnered with carriers to build diverse network services enabling our customers to rapidly deploy their environments at scale.

A bit about us

In a short amount of time, eStruxture has evolved into the largest Canadian network neutral data center operator. With 15 locations across the country, over 760,000 square feet of data center space, more than 130MW of power and access to a vibrant ecosystem of carriers, we are the ideal partner for cloud service providers that require significant amounts of space and power in order to support their need to scale up and out as required by their workloads.

Considering all the facts...

You’d have to agree that eStruxture is perfectly positioned to meet the technical, operational, pricing, and timeline requirements of cloud service providers who are establishing or growing their footprint in Canada.
If you are a cloud service provider looking for a data center partner in Canada, we’d be happy to connect with you via email marketing@estruxture.com .


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