eStruxture Celebrates International Women’s Day!

March 8, 2019

Happy International Women’s Day! Today is all about recognizing and supporting the women in our everyday lives, including our coworkers. In the world of tech and telecom, women have long been underrepresented across the board. According to a study by McKinsey & Company, women make up only 37% of entry-level positions, 19% of senior vice presidents and 15% of CEOs. As a result, empowering our female coworkers to fulfill their potential is a worthy endeavour and one that we, at eStruxture, are proud to be leading. This past week, we sat down with some of the women on our team and asked them about the challenges they have faced in the industry, how they see opportunities for women changing over time and how eStruxture makes them feel empowered in their respective positions.

As we spoke to our valued colleagues, one issue really stood out: companies like eStruxture have a strong need to improve diversity throughout their operations.  According to Angela Adam, our Marketing Manger, “As the tech sector continues to evolve and shape our world, more organizations are recognizing the many benefits of having equal representation of women in the workplace and in leadership positions. One of the most common challenges I’ve faced is being the only woman in the room.” At eStruxture, we are aiming to change that. In fact, when our CEO Todd Coleman and the leadership team needed to hire a CFO, they actively sought a highly-qualified woman to add a fresh perspective to the team. Ultimately, Annie Corbeil filled the role, bringing a plethora of experience in business operations and finance. According to Ms. Corbeil:  “I think that it is very commendable of them to have recognized that women can bring a different point of view, and to have made the decision and stick to it.”

That being said, we also do our best to ensure that our female colleagues do not feel like they are treated differently. Our Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, Marcelle Hanna, spoke to this saying, “eStruxture has empowered me by not treating me like a woman first. I am an employee first, no different than my male colleagues.” This has led our team to cultivate a diverse set of opinions and perspectives in the workplace, which is something our Director of Finance, Lyne Rousseau is proud of.  “I think my male colleagues are very open to having women work with them, as women bring a different perspective on several fronts,” she notes. Because of our hard work as a company, we have found that our team has a more well-rounded approach to day-to-day tasks, which is incredibly valuable as we look to grow across Canada.

Of course,  while we are doing our part to create more opportunities for women in technology and telecommunications, there are still improvements to be made. According to one of our Operations Analysts, Tanya Naami, “One of the major reasons I opted to join eStruxture was the opportunity to work with women in the data center industry. Female mentors were few and far between with my previous employers, so it really mattered to me that I would be part of a company that promotes a balanced and inclusive atmosphere.”

So, to all of the women out there that hope to pursue a position in tech, here is some advice to you from some of our female colleagues:

“Know that you don’t need to be an engineer to work in technology! Whether you’re a marketer like me, a graphic designer or an HR or finance professional, there is always a need for your skills in the IT sector. And remember to lean in!” – Angela Adam, Marketing Manager

“GO FOR IT!! Tech is no longer what it used to be: some of the brightest, most successful and inspiring individuals I have encountered in the tech industry are women. Break through that glass ceiling – the sky is the limit!” -Natasha Neishaboory, Senior Manager, Customer Provisioning and Projects

“Don’t be afraid! Place more importance on what you can bring to the table rather than being intimidated by men.” – Lyne Rousseau, Director of Finance

“Ask questions and develop a sense of curiosity. It’s never too early to develop leadership skills. Don’t compromise for less and know the difference between big picture and detail-oriented thinking and practice both when appropriate.” – Marcelle Hanna, Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

“It is a high-pace, very dynamic industry, but…absolutely go for it! That high pace is thrilling, and it makes you more creative and open to new possibilities.” – Annie Corbeil, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

“Take ownership, learn from your mistakes, and do not be afraid to ask questions or admit that you do not understand something.” – Tanya Naami, Operations Analyst

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