eStruxture Customer Story | Beam Radiology Changes Lives with Innovative Patient Care for Back Pain

February 23, 2023

A short while ago, eStruxture sat down with Beam Radiology, a chain of diagnostic clinics and customer we hold in high regard. We had a brief but thoroughly insightful talk. We discussed their founding principles, the future, teleradiology, and their relationship with eStruxture. In a relatively short time, they’ve quadrupled their presence in the Alberta region. We’re honoured to count people and businesses like these among our customers, and we look forward to a long, supportive, and fruitful relationship.

customer story graphics (14)Could you describe Beam Radiology, and the motivation behind creating the company?

The core principle behind Beam Radiology was to provide the best possible patient care in the Calgary area, in a novel way. Led by Dr. Olivier Clerk, a group of like-minded and progressive physicians began working together to offer modern, highly personalized, and effective care.

We put our patients first. Our team of sub-specialty trained radiologists and health care professionals provide a full suite of diagnostic imaging, interventional procedures, and specialized obstetrics.

Dr. Olivier Clerk, our primary physician, has done fellowships at Harvard, and the Spine Fracture Institute. He’s a world-leading expert on spine treatment and back pain. These fellowships, in turn, gave him the idea to start a company that gave him the freedom to do more of the diagnosis work and individualized treatment plans he’s passionate about.

As Beam has rapidly expanded, we’ve developed meaningful relationships with partner physicians as well.

What’s on the horizon for Beam Radiology? Can you tell us any of your goals?

In recent months, we've added teleradiology to our practice. This allows us to provide remote radiology services for the Northwest Territories hospital system, including Hay River, Inuvik, Stanton Territorial Hospital, and Fort Smith.

Tell us more about teleradiology.

The remote sites capture patient images. They’re then securely transmitted to Beam Radiology for our physicians to sub-specialty interpret the results. We have a connection that traverses to eStruxture’s CAL-1 data center to provide secure, reliable access.

This has been instrumental in improving and supporting our connectivity needs. We’re diligently working to provide patient care in far-off regions. It’s often difficult to get physicians to move to such remote locations. 

Any plans to expand to other remote regions in the near future? 

As an organization, we’ve grown tremendously in a short amount of time. Canada is currently experiencing a nationwide shortage of radiologists. As such, we believe it’s very prudent to shift our focus to efficiency. Our goal is to be certain that everything is fine-tuned, dialed in for helping patients, and running optimally. 

Our aim is to make our infrastructure more robust and increase our capacity. This would ensure that we’re in the best position possible for market growth. We can’t create more radiologists, but we can prepare as effectively as possible.

However, our industry thrives on innovation, new ideas and technology, fresh perspectives, programs, and treatments. There are always opportunities to grow on the horizon under the right circumstances.

As an eStruxture customer, what’s been the best part of the relationship so far?

In our partnership with eStruxture, everything's working well. Moving into the CAL-1 facility has allowed us to have an extremely robust, established, and stable location. We couldn’t be happier to have the service and support of the largest Canadian-owned and operated data center provider in the country. The product, service, and people are excellent.

What more could we do in the future in order to better support the growth of your company?

Currently, we’re more than satisfied with eStruxture’s managed Internet service, competitive pricing, and customer support. Working with this team has been an absolute pleasure.

Every company that utilizes data center services dreams of even more connectivity to an endless array of carriers, as well as additional network throughput options. Beam is no exception to this rule.

However, to date, eStruxture has met and surpassed all of our expectations.

How can customers contact you? 

For more on Beam Radiology, visit our website: Learn more about our diagnostic imaging services, pain treatment, and specialized obstetrics programs in the Calgary area.

You can also request an appointment by discussing with your physician or contacting our booking staff for more information on the referral process.

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