eStruxture Talks MTL-2 Data Center at CAPRE’s Québec Summit

August 7, 2019

When it comes to innovative data center designs, we like to think our MTL-2 facility provides the basis for a great case study. That’s why, at the CAPRE Quebec Summit, our CEO Todd Coleman joined James Beer, our SVP of Operations, and David Cervantes, SVP of CBRE, to share lessons learned from our work to create our second Montreal data center. You can watch the full video online here; in this blog, we take a look at just a few of the key takeaways.

Watch Video Here

As you might already know, our MTL-2 data center sits within a building formerly used by the Montreal Gazette for printing press operations. For us, acquiring this site was an attractive option for multiple reasons. First, the proximity of MTL-2 to our flagship MTL-1 data center made it simple to interconnect both facilities with our path-redundant dark fiber network. As a result, our customers are able to enjoy seamless access to mission-critical infrastructure and services. As Todd notes, it was important to find a facility that was expandable, close to an existing power station and close enough to an existing eStruxture facility to provide fiber connections between the two.

The former printing press building also gave us the space we needed to support our customers’ growing high density computing needs. As James says in the video, the site provided us with limitless options, which for many data center providers can be “both a blessing and a curse.” For us, though, this proved to be more of an advantage. The size of MTL-2 (currently offering over 187,000 sq. ft. of colocation space) enables us to provide a multitude of options for our customers, whether they are seeking multi-tenant solutions or dedicated pods. The truth is that this is not a common setup one finds among other data centers. However, it definitely makes eStruxture all the more unique and aptly suited to provide customers across over 30 countries with the right services. 

Overall, Montreal is a vibrant, growing city that continues to attract companies in need of eStruxture’s flexible, scalable data center solutions. The former Montreal Gazette printing press has given us the space and expandable capacity we need to meet this trend. Watch the full panel online here!

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