eStruxture Customer Story | Stack Harbor Empowers Businesses With a User-Friendly Cloud Hosting Solution

November 29, 2022

We recently had the chance to have an insightful chat with Stack Harbor, a customer we hold in high regard. We discussed some of their goals, hurdles, and how they strive to provide a simple, easy-to-use cloud hosting solution for a range of businesses. With a wealth of experience, a savvy leader, and excellent service, it’s clear to see that Stack Harbor’s success is far from over.
eStruxture takes pride in supporting businesses like Stack Harbor whose combination of vision, talent, and execution
 are as admirable as they are unique.

Who is Stack Harbor? 

Stack Harbor is a Managed Services Provider (MSP) specializing in cloud hosting infrastructure and DevOps for web workloads. We work with digital marketing agencies, web development agencies, mobile app development agencies, SaaS businesses, eCommerce vendors, and SMBs.customer story graphics (3)

We offer multi-region IaaS and PaaS hosting infrastructure, backed by industry-leading SLA with 24/7 monitoring, intervention, and low-level technical support. With initial response times of under 15 minutes, a 4-hour resolution SLA for operational issues with 95% of incidents resolved within 60 minutes, makes us a very important partner in our clients' operations and contingency responsibilities. We also provide the same level of management and support services for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and other 3rd party infrastructure and web deployments for clients from all over Canada, the United States, Western Europe, and the UAE.

Stack Harbor also provides advanced management services including deployment architecture, security testing/hardening, performance optimization, high availability, disaster recovery, auto-scaling, DevOps workflow, workload/cloud migration, backup, and restoration serviced on a consulting basis.

What makes your company different from your competitors?

We provide highly specialized services that are low-level, covering the full hosting and operational stacks of client deployments. Everything above the application layer is supported by Stack Harbor senior DevOps and Linux engineers. We have over 15 years of experience running web hosting workloads and all related software service layers. We also provide incredibly fast technical support turnaround, 24/7 monitoring, proactive service-interruption intervention, and we do so at very competitive price points, which makes us attractive to SMBs and smaller digital agencies.

Where is Stack Harbor headed? What are some of your goals?

Short-term Stack Harbor is working on further developing our PaaS offering, with the long-term goal of offering multi-region infrastructure with hosting locations all around the world, to better support globally dispersed traffic.

What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as Stack Harbor grows?

Beyond the economic challenges of the time faced by many small and medium-sized businesses, geographical growth has been a costly challenge due to specialized partner and human resource requirements outside of our home base.

Why did you choose eStruxture as a partner and what problem were you trying to solve with our services?

Working with key partners such as eStruxture, allows us to have better predictability when our infrastructure needs require deployments in different regions across Canada. With eStruxure being the lead Canadian data center operator, with facilities in all major markets, there is always a choice. We enjoy working with a strong national data center partner that can offer us advanced inner-region networking to satisfy technical requirements, in addition to unified account management and billing.

What more could we do in the future in order to better support Stack Harbor's growth?

At present, we have nothing but positive reviews of eStruxture. It comes as no surprise that they’re the top Canadian-owned and operated data center provider in the country. We feel supported and we look forward to continued growth, together.

How can customers contact you?

By emailing our sales team at or by visiting via our website

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